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RAM Vehicle Dock Solutions for Samsung Tablets

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RAM Mounts offers two types of solutions: either getting the standard cradle with arm and base or from its GDS Ecosystem. From these first two options, it branches out to which you would choose next.

Samsung has designed tablets that are geared towards withstanding challenging work environments. Its line of rugged tablet solutions survives drops, water, dirt and more – these are just the basics. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active line is built for an even stronger defence. Your vehicle dock solutions would depend not only on where you’re using it. You want the best solution that can adapt and survive for long periods. Here are some tablet mounts suitable for the Galaxy Tab Active2 and Tab Active3.


IntelliSkin® Next Gen for Samsung Tab Active3

The GDS Ecosystem begins with Intelliskin. All products from this line are only compatible if your device wears this military-grade protective sleeve from RAM. They also have keyboard solutions, handstands and hands strap accessories when you need to carry or dock your device from working mobile.

RAM’s Next-Gen variant of the Intelliskin has a USB Type-C connector when you’re using your device without a GDS Dock. It also includes a stylus slot arrangement for the S-Pen.

GDS Dock

RAM’s GDS Vehicle Docks are equipped with data sync and charging capabilities via pogo pin technology. They are also designed with lockable features for anti-theft deterrence. These vehicle mounting solutions suit the field workers’ demands, including those in the Transportation, Manufacturing, Logistics industries, and more. Here are some of the different GDS Dock variants that are suitable for the latest Tab Active 2 and Tab Active 3. We have a modular design and two other variants: Tough-Dock and Cool-Dock.

GDS® mUSB Vehicle Dock for IntelliSkin® Next Gen Tablets (RAM-GDS-DOCKL-V9-OMT2U)

This vehicle dock is favorable for those looking for cost-efficiency. It has a universal design that accommodates any device wearing an Intelliskin, making it easy to upgrade or switch tablets in the long run.

GDS® Tough-Dock™ for Samsung Tab Active3 and Tab Active2 (RAM-GDS-DOCK-SAM62U)

This is the latest GDS vehicle mount designed specifically for the Tab Active2 and Tab Active3 tablets. It’s equipped with standard features found in the GDS Dock’s Technology. The mUSB power connector supports Its charging capabilities.

Locking GDS® Cool-Dock™ - USB Type-C for Tab Active3 and Tab Active2 (RAM-GDS-DOCKLF-SAM62CU)

This vehicle mount is engineered with an additional feature. Its unique feature is the built-in 12-VDC Axial cooling fan with a 2.2 meter hardwire power cord. The cooling fan in this dock is suitable for environments that trigger your device to overheat.

These are some of the tablet mounts from RAM’s GDS Ecosystem. You can also choose from other RAM tablet solutions. Check out our wide range of RAM Mounts here.

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